Our Services


Why Giraffe?

1. Our core team is formed by UBC alumni.
2. We offer planning on extra-circurricula activities in the fields of music, sports, volunteers, leadership, teamwork, clubs, and other social activities. We also offer suggestions on reference letters.
3. We are experienced in university applications. With Giraffe’s professional services, more than 10 students received acceptance from Ivy League universities.
4. With Giraffe’s professional services, more than 50 students received acceptance from the top 30 universities in the United States.
5. With Giraffe’s professional services, more than 50 students received acceptance from top Canadian universities, i.e. UBC, University of Toronto, and McGill University.
6. We have original Math and English course for Grade K-12. We offer courses on AP, SAT, and IB. Therefore, we have a thorough understanding regarding BC’s education system.

Our Founders


As an expert in planning and university application, Eric has a bachelor and a master degree in Engineering from UBC. He was entitled as an International Leader of Tomorrow with a full scholarship for his entire studies. He received offers from top universities such as MIT, University of Cambridge, and UC Berkeley. Eric has helped more than 100 students in entering top universities in the US, UK, and Canada.


Ran received a Master of Science from SFU and a Bachelor of Science from UBC. She graduates with distinction and receives the honour as the most excellent graduate student from UBC’s Statistics Department. She receives the Nash Medal in the year of her BSc graduation. As an expert in education, she believes that understanding and practice are equally important in students’ learning process.



I could not succeed in the intensive IB program without Giraffe. Giraffe is with me for my entire IB studies. It is amazing that the teachers here are able to help me on all my IB subjects. Also, with Giraffe’s university application program, I receive offers from my dream universities. I am excited to study at the University of Toronto in the coming fall!

Hello, I’m Winstion. My brother and I have been with Giraffe for about two years. We study math and English at Giraffe every week. We can learn so much faster at Giraffe and become way more advanced than our classmates. While my friends are struggling with their grammar, I am able to write narrative essays. I am very happy to enter RC Palmer’s Pre-AP program with the help of Giraffe teachers! My mom is proud of me.

I am a Grade 10 student in Giraffe’s University Planning Program. Giraffe helps with my course selection each term and arranges my AP tests according to my education needs. In addition, they help me find many volunteer opportunities that I could not discover by myself (lol). Eric taught me how to write a formal cover letter and how to be successful in the interview. With Giraffe, I have no worries about my future. 🙂

I am currently in Grade 7, and I have been studying with Giraffe for more than two years. As a French program student, my English skill is significantly improved with Giraffe’s English program. Meanwhile, Giraffe Learning’s fast pace allows me to learn Grade 10 math right now. I want to complete my math foundation studies as soon as possible so that I can move on to AP Calculus.