Pro-D Day/Full Day Camp

Our Pro-D Day/Full Day Camp mixes academics and activities. We strive to provide students an interactive learning experience.

Typical Day Camp Schedule:

9:00-10:00                  Free play, Reading, Arts, Games

10:00-11:00              Fun Math Activities

11:00-11:30              Math Worksheet

11.30-12:30               Lunch Break

12:30-14:00                Art and Creativity, Handcraft

14:00-15:00              English Reading, Writing and Presentation


What kind of activities do we offer at Pro-D day/full day camps?

  1. Fun Math Activities: counting time and money, reading clocks, calculating money change at cashier, finding how the number π was calculated, Sudokou.
  2. Art and Creativity: painting, hand craft, Lego, floral design, etc.
  3. English Reading: history, human geography, and social science. Students will study new articles under our instructors’ guidance and answer questions related to the article. They will also write paragraphs and articles on their handcraft. Students will share experience and ideas to each other.

When can you apply for our Pro-D day/full day camps?

It’s simple and easy! You can visit our learning centre and fill an application form 72 hours prior to the day of request.

How much do we charge?

$80+GST (9am-3pm)

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