What is GIRAFFE?

What is GIRAFFE?

Our mission is to help student achieve Great results. Through GIRAFFE learning system, we help students Identify their personal strength and weakness.

While our Reciprocal teaching method allows students to Actively participate into their studies, we constantly receive feedback from students and adjust their customized study plans accordingly. In this way, we place Focus and attention onto each individual.

Our GIRAFFE system focuses on Forward-learning. Knowledge points are carefully categorized to help students achieve more comprehensive and deeper understanding on each topic. In particular, our A+ Math system focuses on students aged from Preschool to Grade 6 whereas our materials cover most essential curriculum items from Grade K to 8. Our forward-learning scheme allows students build firm foundations for their future.

Through GIRAFFE learning system, students will learn Enhanced study skills such as problem solving, independent and critical thinking, quantitative and qualitative analysis, representation and re-representation, just to name a few. We strive to foster future elites and leaders.

How to study at Giraffe:

Step 1: Visit/contact our learning center to schedule a placement test.
Step 2: Visit our center and let your child take the placement test to ensure the correct learning stage.

Step 3: Enroll your child and personalize study timetable with our teachers. Each subject has 4 classes every month. Each subject has 1 class every week. Each class has a duration of 50 minutes.
Step 4: Students will study level by level with carefully designed knowledge points. We use an approach of 70% guided teaching + 30% self learning. Students will complete in-class exercises.
Step 5: Giraffe Learning Centre will assign 2-3 worksheets after each class. Students must complete these assignments prior to the start of their upcoming class in the following week. Parents will check if students completed their worksheets.

Step 6: Students must pass level exams to move to the next learning level. Giraffe provides learning checklists for parents to check students’ progress.
Step 7: Firm foundation and great results.


Most scholars believe that making a commitment to practice is essential to maximize the impact of learning new knowledge. After each class, GIRAFFE instructors assign students additional worksheets to practice at home. GIRAFFE instructors will provide parents learning checklists so that they can follow up with students’ learning progress.

We strongly encourage parents to supervise students on their worksheets in the best possible way. Students are expected to bring back their completed worksheets for instructors to mark and, when necessary, to explain solutions. Such feedback is an essential element of our reciprocal teaching. We will adjust students’ study plans accordingly.

GIRAFFE worksheets are carefully designed to be more challenging than what students learned on corresponding GIRAFFE classes. We are inspired by those leading scholars and teachers who constantly bring challenges to their students. We want students to have time to think, analyze, research or even struggle before GIRAFFE instructors lead them through the questions. This process not only helps students learn better and deeper but also provides students valuable opportunities to face and overcome difficulties.