Most scholars believe that making a commitment to practice is essential to maximize the impact of learning new knowledge. After each class, GIRAFFE instructors assign students additional worksheets to practice at home. GIRAFFE instructors will provide parents learning checklists so that they can follow up with students’ learning progress.

We strongly encourage parents to supervise students on their worksheets in the best possible way. Students are expected to bring back their completed worksheets for instructors to mark and, when necessary, to explain solutions. Such feedback is an essential element of our reciprocal teaching. We will adjust students’ study plans accordingly.

GIRAFFE worksheets are carefully designed to be more challenging than what students learned on corresponding GIRAFFE classes. We are inspired by those leading scholars and teachers who constantly bring challenges to their students. We want students to have time to think, analyze, research or even struggle before GIRAFFE instructors lead them through the questions. This process not only helps students learn better and deeper but also provides students valuable opportunities to face and overcome difficulties.